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Don’t Throw Away that Class Action Notice for Your Car, Truck, or SUV

You might have received a class action notice through the mail in the form of a pre-printed, pre-stamped, post-card or letter. These notices often refer to legal actions against big companies such as cell phone service providers, student loan lenders, and automobile manufactures. If not examined carefully, these notices can appear to be junk mail or bulk advertising. You might be tempted just to throw them in the trash.

Do not throw a class action notice away without reading it. You could be throwing away potential monetary compensation or even jeopardizing your legal rights in the future.

  1. Why Would I get a Class Action Notice for my Car, Truck, or SUV?

Often times if you receive a class action notice for your automobile it will refer to a lawsuit filed against the manufacturer or parts manufacturer of your vehicle for defective components (i.e., engine, transmission, airbag, etc.). From a practical standpoint what this means is that enough purchasers of a particular vehicle or vehicles have had problems with the same defective part in their car, truck, or SUV, that a lawsuit has been filed on behalf of all of the purchasers of that vehicle.      

These problem parts or components could have caused vehicle failure and required buyers to take their automobile to the dealership numerous times for time-consuming or costly repairs. These defective parts could be installed over multiple years, makes, and models of a vehicle or vehicles.

  1. What if I do Nothing or Just Throw the Notice Away?

Most class action notices now clearly state “Your legal rights are affected whether or not you act. Please read this Notice carefully.”

Sometimes in a defective automobile class action if you do nothing you will automatically receive the benefit of part of the settlement, such as an extension of a manufacturer or parts warranty. However, often you will only be entitled to monetary compensation for items such as the costs of repairing your vehicle if you submit a claim to the administrator identified in the notice. More importantly, there will be a deadline by which you have to submit a claim otherwise you lose your right to compensation.

Just as important is the fact that if you do not “opt out” of the class action settlement by the opt out date you could automatically become part of the class and lose your rights to file a claim as an individual. In some instances, this could lead to the loss of your ability to obtain potentially tens of thousands of dollars more in compensation or even have your automobile bought back by the manufacturer.

  1. What Should I do if I Receive a Class Action Notice for a Vehicle I’ve Already had Problems with?

If you own a car, truck, or SUV and have had to visit a dealership on multiple occasions for the same or similar problems with your vehicle than you should consider contacting a lemon law attorney before responding to a class action notice.

In many states such as California, the state lemon law is very protective and might entitle you to a significant amount more in compensation that what you might get by submitting a class action claim. In some states you might even be entitled to have the manufacturer repurchase your vehicle from you.  However, if you fail to opt-out of a class action by the stated deadline, you could lose your right to bring any claims for individual compensation in the future.

If you receive a class action notice in the mail for a vehicle that you’ve already had problems with, you should contact a lemon law attorney immediately. The deadline to file a claim or opt-out is usually only a few months from when you receive the notice. A lemon law attorney in your state can advise you how to respond to a class action notice to ensure you get the compensation you are entitled to.

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