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The Top 5 Reasons…

…you need a new car now!

Consumer Reports recently spent some time reviewing older model used cars and provided a good primer on how to get your car to 200,000 miles. If you were hoping not to wait that long, or just want an excuse to let yourself buy a new car, they’ve also provided their top 5 reasons to ditch the old model and drive away in the car of your dreams.

  1. Repairs and Maintenance (and more repairs and more maintenance). Okay, so you are a sticker for maintenance and have followed the manufacturers recommendations for every step along the way. Regular oil changes, 30k, 50k, 75k mile service and beyond. You’ve never missed a beat and have all the records to prove it! That’s fantastic and could lead to reason 1A – Having all the records may make it easier to sell via private party and for more money! Regardless of your maintenance routine, car parts are all doomed for failure. New wiper blades and getting the oil changed is no big deal. Replacing valves, brakes, transmissions and more can be expensive and—depending on the car—might be darn near impossible. Add up your repair costs (and potential costs), if they are more than the cost of a month’s new-car payment, there’s your answer.
  1. Are You Past the Warranty? If you’ve had your car for a while and it hasn’t just been sitting idle in a garage someplace, chances are you’ve gone well past the mileage protection of most warranty plans. Even some parts with longer warranties, such as the engines and transmissions, have long since expired.  While you may be able to recover damages if your car was repeatedly in the shop while under warranty (give us a call and we’ll explain your options), the problems you are now experiencing will only cause you grief…and dollars!
  1. Fuel Savings. Just because you haven’t had a new car in years, doesn’t mean that the manufacturers have stopped their research and development. Advances in technology have produced cars that are more efficient than ever. Go farther and pollute the air less than you are doing now, all while saving money. As your car gets older, it becomes less efficient and the gas mileage you once thought you were getting (it wasn’t anywhere near the advertised MPG anyway) will continue to diminish. Get yourself a new ride and take advantage of the savings.
  1. Safety.  Yes, the technological advances that will save you gas, money, and protect our environment, have also led to new safety features like blind spot systems, back-up cameras, curtain airbags, and electronic stability control. Newer vehicles also have advanced steel and structural architecture that absorb the impact of a crash better. There’s no need to justify spending on your safety. Just do it.
  1. Gadgets and Gizmos. When you last bought a new car features such as GPS, HD Radio, Bluetooth connectivity, heated seats, maybe even air conditioning, and ABS brakes (you’re car is not that old is it) were not only reserved for the most luxurious cars, they may not have even been invented yet! Nowadays, these features are becoming standard in many everyday vehicles. You know you want this stuff…go ahead, have a ball.

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