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Lemon Law Information

The lemon law covers cars with warranty repairs. Every state has enacted a lemon law. We, as lemon law attorneys, can assist you to make sure that the lemon laws are being used to your advantage. Our lemon law attorneys will evaluate your lemon law car claim for free. Typically, auto lemon laws require a car to be subject to repair a certain number of times or out of service due to repair for a certain period of days in order for a consumer to obtain relief under the lemon law. To qualify under most car lemon laws the number of repairs can be as little as one and the days out of service can be as few as 15.

Many states also have used car lemon laws. These used car laws or used lemon laws typically apply to older model cars or cars with mileage beyond the standard manufacturer warranty period. Even though the state’s new car lemon law may not apply to your car, consumers may be able to rely on these used car lemon laws.

In addition to the auto lemon laws for new cars and some state’s used car lemon laws, there is also a federal lemon law known as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. As lemon law attorneys, we are able to use this lemon law to supplement the new or used car lemon laws of your state to maximize the relief we can obtain for you.

If you are having repeated problems with your car, you may be entitled to a refund of all the money you have paid for your lemon car (including the payoff of any loan or lease balance), a replacement car, or a substantial cash settlement. Let us help you determine whether your state’s new car lemon law, used car lemon law, or the federal lemon law applies to your car.

Under the new car lemon law, the used car lemon law, or the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, the manufacturer is responsible for paying your attorney fees and litigation costs. Contact one of our lemon law attorneys toll free at (877) 57-LEMON for a free case evaluation.